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Biotechnology applied to nature, from sustainable science to Italian organic farming.

Each formulation contains:

Enzymatic bio-liquefied extracts from organic vegetable peels

Many products in agroindustry contain important classes of bioactive molecules (polyphenols, carotenoids, alpha-hydroxyl acids and many others), useful in cosmetics. In particular, enzymatic bio-liquefied extracts and innovative water-based active ingredients have been developed without the use of any aggressive chemical solvent or oil, but only through natural enzymes, thanks to the latest research in the biotechnology field. Compared to the most popular “plant extracts”, the bio-liquefied extracts are active principles with low molecular weight, increased bioavailability and rapidly effective. The result is high quality formulations with proven effectiveness. 


Sustainable soul

The desire for sustainability begins with each product formula. The recovery of elements that should be discarded, and the use of active principles developed by respecting the environment, ensure eco-compatible skin formulations, specifically ecological and skin-friendly. 

No animal derivates

Only vegetable and biotechnological ingredients are used, not from animal origin. Purophi is vegan friendly. 


Natural and functional fragrances

The fragrances are completely natural and bespoke to Purophi. They have been developed by established “noses” and have been chosen for their function as well as their sensory elements. For example, organic ginger pulp for its antioxidant and detoxifying properties.


100% Made in Italy

All the active principles are from Italian provenance as is the entire production chain.