Fragile – Very Sensitive Skin

€ 64.00

50 ml

24-hour triple action cream: 1. Anti-blotchiness; 2. Anti-aging; 3. Anti-pollution. The high concentration of active principles allow the formulation to act like cortisone, giving relief to the fragile skin. It protects the capillary walls stabilising the microcirculation and helps repair blotchiness and skin irritations. Furthermore, it stimulates fibroblasts for the synthesis of new collagen protecting the skin from smog and fine dust that cause skin irritation and skin sensitivity. Recommended for sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients: bio-liquefied extract from rocket salad and prickly pear*, enoxolone*, saffron extract, soy peptide, vitamin E, jojoba oil*, shea butter* and coconut oil. *bio-certified

- Blotchiness: -10,4%

- Redness: -13,3%

- Itch: -8%

- Burning sensation: -9,1%