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Exfoliating Serum

€ 36.00

200 ml

Renews and oxygenates the skin through deep enzyme exfoliation, stimulates microcirculation and the physiological production of collagen, elastic fibres and hyaluronic acid thanks to a rich pool of active biophenols and alpha hydroxyl acids. Perfect for normal, mature and impure skin types.

Active Ingredients: mandelic acid, bio-liquefied extract from apple peels, bio-liquefied extract from lemon peels, bio-liquefied extract from wheat bran*, bio-liquefied extract from red grape skins*, tartaric acid, citric acid, aloe juice*. Plant origin cleansers. *bio-certified

How to use: apply on clean and dry face, massage with circular movements, remove with a cotton pad and rinse thoroughly. For more intense action, let stand for 1 minute and rinse. Avoid contact with the eyes.