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Pure Organic Philosophy

Purophi is born from the desire to explore new and potential synergies between the organic and the inorganic world, technology and physiology, science and natural worlds. It presents a new approach to traditional biological cosmetics and offers high-performance, efficient formulations, in better balance with the Earth’s ecosystem and skin cutaneous, without harmful elements to the skin and the planet.



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"Purity is not pristine. Instead, it is everything remaining in the cloudiness of similar worlds. A desire for freedom."


Daniela Roppolo

«With a love for Nature and a profession in the pharmaceutical chemical world, I was living in two contradictory worlds! For years I searched for an equilibrium between these two polar realities: my calling and my profession. As my desire to research and to experiment continued to grow stronger and my passion became a necessity, Purophi was born. A pure synthesis between a “green” soul and scientific innovation. Natural, honest, free and coherent. My biggest dream step by step has become a reality.»