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Cleansing 4

€ 29.00

200 ml

4-action soft cream: 1. Cleanser; 2. Facial make-up remover; 3. Eye make-up remover; 4. Moisturising and antioxidant mask. For all skin types.

Active Ingredients: bio-liquefied extract from red grape peels*, goji berries*, shea butter*, chamomile extract*, panthenol, natural vitamin E. Plant origin cleansers. *bio-certified

How to use: as a cleanser: apply directly to the face, neck and décolleté; massage with circular movements and rinse. As eye make-up remover: apply on a cotton pad, remove the make-up and rinse. As a mask: after having cleansed the skin, apply a generous amount to dry skin, neck and décolleté; let stand for 2 minutes and rinse.